What makes Paisley great? The 4 Ps!

I wanted our first blog post of 2014 to be full of positivity for the year ahead, so what better to talk about than Paisley, our home. As a marketing graduate, my first ‘auto-pilot’ response to promoting something is to think about the 4 Ps. This framework has been adapted many times to fit different market sectors and changes, so I thought Paisley could best be described through its own 4 Ps, starting with the place itself:


Paisley to Glagow

Paisley is Scotland’s largest town and is situated 7 miles from Glasgow. Despite this short difference, in many people’s perceptions, we are much further apart. Paisley and Glasgow hold many of the same quality amenities, however, the bright lights of the city (and the higher associated costs) are often more attractive to businesses. We need to work together to bridge this gap. 2014 will see 21 Forbes Place promoting not just Paisley, but Renfrewshire and the surrounding areas, with aim to make this a thriving business area again.


Paisley Town Hall and Paisley Abbey

Paisley’s skyline boasts beautiful architecture steeped in history. The Paisley Town Hall and Coats Memorial Church are among the many listed buildings in the town and, in fact, most of Paisley’s town centre is classed as a conservation area. While some of the High Street may lay bare due to an economic decline, these buildings stand tall and proud representing the stature of Paisley and a promise of what it can still hold.


Paisley Pattern

To me, the Paisley Pattern represents our creative and innovative history, and its roots here is an accolade that the people of Paisley should be proud of. Paisley’s industrial heritage stems from the 18th century weaving and design of fabrics, and is home to the world famous Paisley Pattern, which is universally recognisable and still popular in the fashion industry today. Our community is still thriving with creative people, but maybe we need to shout about them a bit more. Leave a comment if you have or know of a creative business and let’s be proud that they are from Paisley!


Paisley’s future looks bright from a number of angles. Renfrewshire Council’s Invest in Renfrewshire scheme just signed up its 500th local business. This scheme has a huge investment and offers businesses grants and loans as well as employment incentives like Graduate Internships – which is how I came to work at Forbes Place! A Positive Paisley group was formed over the last few years and its members aim to share positive news about the town, as well as encouraging the community to collaborate and ‘buy local’. Since starting my research into co-working in Paisley, I’ve learned so much I didn’t know about my home town, and discovered many people who are passionate about bringing it back to life: I’m grateful to be working in Paisley and motivated to help make it great! On a final note, Paisley is the home of the Scottish Premiership’s, St Mirren Football Club – a team with the potential to win trophies (every 26 years)!

St Mirren Paisley's Football Club

21 Forbes Place is hosting the first Renfrewshire Business Network meeting of 2014, on Thurs 30th January 9.30-11.30. This will be the first of many networking events we will hold, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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