Bringing coworking to Paisley!

Just two weeks ago, I learned the term ‘coworking’, and since then it has inspired how I am approaching my new job as a marketing intern – and also how I see my own entrepreneurial plans becoming reality. If you’re not familiar with the term, but have seen the film The Internship, picture the Google offices in the film.  The workspace is designed to inspire creativity, help people collaborate and provide place for people to enjoy work. This type of working environment is becoming more popular across the world and is what I want to bring to Paisley! And why not? Paisley has a rich history of creativity, design and innovation. We also have a vibrant community – where over half are young and middle aged – around Renfrewshire and connecting to the rest of Scotland. Now is the perfect time to provide them with the opportunity to build and grow successful businesses.

What do Google offices and co-working have to do with 21 Forbes Place in Paisley?

Bringing co-working to Paisley!

The term may seem self-explanatory, but the deeper meaning of what coworking can do for entrepreneurs and young businesses is what makes it so exciting. Coworking gives like-minded people a space to ‘work alone together’ which has proven to encourage collaboration, shared ideas and connections and improve productivity. And it’s not just large corporations like Google who provide creative space. In Norway, coworking is changing a whole culture by redefining the usually strict laws of working 8am-4pm. Now entrepreneurs work around the clock, together in a vibrant hub. In Japan, 13 users of a co-working space from 3 organisations, formed a team called Square Garden so that they could share expertise and gain mutual benefits. This is one of the greatest things about coworking – the somewhat accidental encounters with others which lead to new ideas or problems solved.

Shared Workspace

21 Forbes Place provides office space in an open plan layout, for entrepreneurs and small businesses which are growing but cannot justify the high costs of office premises. Our space offers flexible solutions, including hot desks, for individuals and businesses who want to move away from working at home, and into a more stimulating environment. At 21 Forbes Place, and in a co-working environment, you can feel the benefits of working for a large organisation, while you build your own.

Business Advice

As well as collaborating with like-minded individuals, coworking spaces often have additional business support services such as mentoring from experienced professionals. It has been found that businesses which are given regular guidance and mentoring at start-up have been more successful than those who have not. While many start-ups will chose to work from home for financial reasons, it could be said that denying themselves the opportunity to tap into the creativity and experience of fellow entrepreneurs and advisers, is the real cost they cannot afford.

21 Forbes Place Journey

From my first interview at Forbes Place, I knew I would take the internship if it was offered to me, because of the people I was going to get the chance to work with and the business experience I would be able to tap into. I can tell you, it has not disappointed – so far I have met with people who have just started businesses this year, to people with over 40 years of global experience, all of whom have been willing to help me within 5 minutes of meeting me! I’m so excited about my future because I have always wanted to run my own business and now I know I will. That’s why I think Forbes Place has the potential to be a very successful co-working space and will be home to some of Scotland’s great ventures – we can do it!

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