5 Benefits of Renting a Serviced Office

Why Rent a Serviced Office?

If you are reading this post, it may be because you are considering renting office space for your business for the first time. If so, congratulations on growing your business to this stage! At 21 Forbes Place serviced offices, we are dedicated to finding the most cost effective solutions for business owners in need of office services. With serviced office space growing at the fastest rate in the commercial property market, this post will show you 5 benefits of renting a serviced office…

1. Cost-Effective

Rental costs in a serviced office are more cost effective and simple than renting a whole building of your own. This is because the rent is charged in one, simple monthly bill which will include all rates, rents and utilities – you can spend all your time on growing your business while we deal with the boring stuff! At Forbes Place serviced offices in Paisley, monthly packages start from £150.

2. Client-Facing Professional Image

Serviced Office to rent Paisley with meeting rooms

Probably the most effective benefit of serviced offices is the professional image it gives your business by providing a manned reception and meeting rooms. A serviced office receptionist will answer your calls in your company name and greet your client’s when they come in to visit you. At 21 Forbes Place, our receptionist will make teas and coffees while you meet and greet your clients – you wouldn’t even consider the costs involved in hiring your own receptionist in your own office, would you? Meeting rooms in our Paisley serviced office are included in the £250 monthly package and this gives a great impression to your client’s especially since you can show off stunning views of Paisley Abbey as your own!

3. Cleaning and Maintenance

As mentioned, serviced office providers will take care of all utilities for you which includes cleaning and maintenance. Most serviced offices will be fully furnished and ready for you to just plug in and get working. Once you’re in, the same applies – if something breaks, we fix it; if your bin is full, we empty it. As a small business owner you will have found that the phrase ‘time is money’ has never been more true which is why renting a serviced office saves you both! At 21 Forbes Place, our offices are modern, fresh and cleaned daily!

4. Flexible

Not only are serviced offices simple, and affordable – they offer flexible rental packages too. For example, at 21 Forbes Place, our office services start at the very basic Virtual Office from £40. Is your business seasonal? Are you downsizing or growing your business? Whichever package you start with, you can easily change by upgrading or downgrading after 3 months and by giving one month’s notice. There are no long term contracts holding you down and we have the facilities to meet your needs at any stage of your business. You can view all our packages here!

5. Location

Serviced offices to rent in Paisley Town Centre in stunning location

Location, location, location – it’s important to you and your clients! One of the benefits of working for yourself is deciding exactly where you want to work and you can choose not to commute by finding a serviced office near your home. Remove the distractions of homeworking by renting a professional premises while maintaining a good work-life balance. Location is important to your clients as well: is your office space welcoming to visitors, easy to get to and in nice surroundings? All of this can influence how your company is perceived. Can you take client’s for a nice lunch nearby? At 21 Forbes Place, we are conveniently located for business owners who work and live in Paisley and nearby areas. A 5 minute walk to the train station, bus links on our doorstep, plenty of cafe’s, shops and restaurants nearby and beautiful surroundings makes coming to work very easy!

Looking to rent a serviced office in Paisley, near Glasgow?

Renting a serviced office at 21 Forbes Place promises to provide all of the above benefits and more. Viewing is highly recommended to appreciate our stunning space and get a feel for working with us. For more information or to arrange a viewing, contact us!

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