Jack of all Trades, Needs a Master of his (or her) Phone

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If you are in a trades business working by yourself and for yourself, we are here to tell you how to make more money by using a virtual office service.

Firstly, read the 3 questions below, and if you answer ‘me’ to each of them, you will want to read on to discover the benefits of using a virtual office!

  1. Who do customers phone to book one of your services?
  2. Who carries out your company’s services?
  3. Who do customers phone when you are busy on a job?

Why use a Virtual Office service?

Studies have found that customers are more likely to leave a message with a person than with a voicemail, and customers who reach a voicemail are likely to call somewhere else rather than try to call the same business again. Investing in a virtual office may add a cost to your business, but this is guaranteed to be covered many times over, by increasing your sales. Even if you only miss one call per week, you might have missed out on £100 in sales. Of course, depending on your business, one customer may be looking to spend a lot more on your services.

What are the benefits of a Virtual Office?

You can’t justify spending thousands of pounds a year to rent an office you won’t use, but you can still reap the benefits as if you do. A virtual office gives you a professional registered address for your company – customers will think it’s your own office. A virtual office gives you a unique phone number and professional receptionist to answer calls in your company name and forward them to you or take a message – your customers will think you have a personal secretary in your own office. A virtual office is provided from a physical office base which means you can invite client’s to meet with you there using a pre-booked meeting room – you guessed it, your customers will think they are meeting you at your own office and it is your own private secretary who is serving them tea and coffee!

So you get the drift – a certain sense of illusion can make a big difference to your business. If a customer is enquiring with your business, it is more than likely that they value the personalised service that one or two-person business provides and that they like to support local trades. Having a virtual office does not take away this service, but rather enhances it by reassuring the customer that you are a successful business with the professional attitude to match.

How can 21 Forbes Place help?

21 Forbes Place is a boutique business centre in the heart of Paisley which, as you might have guessed, provides a virtual office service! Our members are a range of tenants and virtual clients who all benefit from our flexible contracts, professional services and excellent facilities.

Use the form below to book your trial or find out more information, or call Joanna on 0141 849 2075

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Terms and Conditions: not valid in conjunction with any other offer, 3 month minimum contract, after 3 months will automatically move to rolling monthly contract at full price unless one months notice is given

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