5 Signs You Should Invest in Office Space

You can’t beat a sarcastic meme from good old Willy Wonka – and this one gave us inspiration to share why he might be right! Here are 5 signs that suggest you should invest in office space…

  1. Your bedroom is your store-room, marketing department, administration base and odd-sock exhibition
  2. The last time you Skype called a client, they heard your mum shout on you for dinner
  3. You’ve seen every You Tube video of pets dressed like humans, run out of lives on Candy Crush and perfected the moves of Gangnam Style
  4. Your meeting room is always busy, noisy and often frequented by crying babies – oh wait, it’s Starbucks!
  5. You are ambitious, motivated, your business is going great and it is ready to grow even further! 

Now homeworking is great for providing flexibility, setting your own schedule and grabbing a cuppa whenever you fancy it. And there are many booming startups coming straight from bedrooms around the country, but guess what? You can still maintain this lifestyle when you rent a permanent or hot desk AND you’re surrounded by like-minded people to bounce ideas with and generate more business.

21 Forbes Place is a home from home for…homeworkers! Our offices are fully furnished with desks, storage areas, breakout areas with comfy couches, formal and casual meeting space, unlimited teas and coffees and a kitchen big enough to have your breakfast, lunch and dinner. With our hot desk package you can come and go as you please, give your business a professional edge and be part of our community which promises to bring you more leads and help your business grow!
Something to think about? Come and have a look around to see if 21 Forbes Place could be your second home. Contact us to arrange a visit.

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